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Bogaards Law is a concierge practice that invites you to experience a caring, focused and attentive attorney on your case.

Debra Bogaards will give you the legal help you need to achieve the best possible outcome. Her team is trained to communicate with you every step of the way. Ms. Bogaards and her team are available 24/7, by text, email and phone.

With over 35 years of experience in the courtroom, and having built a good reputation amongst judges and trial attorneys, Ms. Bogaards has both the tenacity and trial skills to get you a winning verdict at trial or the highest settlement either pre-litigation or after filing suit. Ms. Bogaards has won almost all of her 38 jury trials and has had great success at mediation. Because Ms. Bogaards has both plaintiff and defense cases, she is uniquely qualified to understand what the insurance company needs to provide you with a fair settlement.

Clients like working with Ms. Bogaards and her team due to their accessibility, plain English and personal touch. Ms. Bogaards will hold your hand and guide you through the complicated legal process, thus reducing your anxiety. Ms. Bogaards has been practicing law in San Francisco since 1981, initially as Pave & Bogaards, then as Bogaards Davis and now as Bogaards Law. We hope you choose Bogaards Law to represent you!

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