Many of our cases at Bogaards Law have been referred to us by other lawyers, including previous opposing trial counsel.

They have included personal injury, wrongful death, sexual molestation, and employment cases, among others. We have been given these referrals because of our excellent reputation as litigators and trial lawyers, and our track record of maximum recoveries for clients. We also are known for taking great care of clients, and for fostering their continued relationships with referring counsel. We carefully and quickly evaluate every referral, because each one is important to a colleague and his or her client, and so is important to us.

Litigation can be rewarding, especially cases involving personal injury, but the flip side is high risk, long hours, and big costs. We assume the risk, put in the hours, and carry the costs. If you are not an experienced trial lawyer, are a solo or small firm practitioner, or practice in a specialized area of law, these are not likely to be cases you want to handle yourself, because they can put your practice at risk and can expose you to liability.

Debra is one of the best attorneys I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Her track record speaks for itself. Her meticulous preparation, zealous advocacy, honesty and a civil, professional demeanor with co-counsel and opposing counsel alike set her apart. I strongly endorse her.
— Eric Toscano

There are many scenarios where we might help. A family member, friend, or neighbor might approach you with a personal injury or other tort because they know you are a lawyer. But you have never handled that type of case, and you want to make sure that the injured party receives experienced, competent, aggressive and ethical counsel that will win the best results. Refer it to us with confidence.

You may be involved in a case and just want some help in strategy, financing, choosing experts, or jury selection and argument. We are happy to offer advice, free of charge. We also can come into your case on a joint venture, association or substitution basis. Bogaards Law has associated into tort litigations that other counsel began , but the case became more complicated, expensive, or difficult than it appeared at first blush. Call us in, and stay involved in the case, with the help needed to win.

You may want to transfer a case entirely. We have stepped into cases from shortly after an accident to a few days before trial. We know that many of our colleagues are truly skilled in working up and settling cases. But that does not mean that you face juries very often. Being tied up for weeks in trial can cripple a law practice. Bringing us in allows us to do what we do best, while you keep your practice running at full speed. We always keep referring counsel fully informed, and your relationship with the client intact.

And of course we pay the maximum referral fees in accordance with the California Rules of Professional Conduct when a case has resolved. 


We can help!

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