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A highly trained San Francisco pedestrian accident attorney standing in a park with a bike.

New Lawyers Turn to Trial Attorney Debra Bogaards for Trial Advice

February 3, 2020

Lawyers and lawsuits are such a popular topic for television shows and movies that a whole genre of “courtroom drama” has been created to share these compelling stories. They usually feature young, good-looking attorneys spending days or weeks pouring over every detail of a single…

crosswalk of street city with people in dangerous situation, woman in need of a San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney after a pedestrian accident

Common Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

January 21, 2020

California is a beautiful state for getting out and enjoying the weather and scenery on foot. The fact is, however, that when you are walking, absolutely nothing comes between you and the impact of a car accident, and as such, pedestrian accidents are exceedingly dangerous.…

An Oakland cat accident attorney examining the damaged car and a client filing out a report claim form.

Should You Call an Attorney for a Car Accident Insurance Claim? 

December 24, 2019

You’re driving home from work on your usual weekday commute when suddenly you are hit from behind. You are not sure what exactly happened to cause this sudden jolt, but you immediately begin to feel pain in both your head, neck and your back. The…


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