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Car accidents are as common as they are exceedingly dangerous. Car accidents happen, and they are often the result of driver negligence. If another driver’s negligence causes you to be injured in a car accident, don’t wait to reach out to an experienced auto accident attorney near Menlo Park. 

Driver Negligence

Every driver is responsible for driving safely – every time he or she gets behind the wheel. The bottom line is that the vast majority of serious car accidents are the result of driver negligence, which can come in all of the following life-threatening forms:

  • Driver Distraction – Motorists owe their attention to the job before them, which is traversing the road ahead safely. When a motorist allows his or her attention to be distracted by anything other than this, he or she puts others on the road at far greater risk of being injured in an accident. While there are plenty of distractions out there to go around, texting and other smartphone activities are simultaneously the most dangerous and the most common distractions. 
  • Driver Impairment – If you drive (and even if you don’t), you know that driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is both illegal and exceptionally dangerous. Nevertheless, many motorists continue to embrace this often-deadly practice. Impairment is overrepresented in fatal traffic accidents
  • Drowsy Drivers – Motorists who get too little sleep underperform behind the wheel. In fact, the impairments caused by exhaustion are similar to the impairments caused by alcohol and/or drugs. Many motorists who wouldn’t consider driving while under the influence don’t even factor in the effects of exhaustion when they head out in their vehicles.
  • Speeding Drivers – Many motorists have the unshakable belief that they should be allowed to drive at whatever speed they feel comfortable, but statistics irrefutably demonstrate that speed plays far too significant a role in deadly traffic accidents. Further, the term safe speed is relative to the condition of the road and the effects that traffic, inclement weather, and any other relevant factor have on it. Simply driving within the speed limit is not the equivalent of driving at a safe speed. 
  • Aggressive Drivers – Aggression may be of service in a cage fight, but it has no place behind the wheel. Aggressive drivers take dangerous driving practices and amplify them to the next level by mixing and mingling several dangerous acts into any given driving excursion. These can include (but are by no means limited to) darting in and out of traffic, tailgating, attempting to engage other motorists’ attention, honking incessantly, and much more.

Negligent motorists make our roads more dangerous for all who travel on them.

An Experienced Auto Accident Attorney near Menlo Park Can Help

The dedicated auto accident attorneys at Bogaards Law – near Menlo Park – have the experience, resources, and legal acumen you need to protect your rights and to skillfully advocate for your rightful compensation. We’re here for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation today.

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