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Bay Area Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycling is a popular way to take advantage of the great weather and beauty of the Bay Area. And even though most neighborhoods around the city are bike-friendly, accidents do happen. When a lightweight bicycle collides with a considerably heavier vehicle, the injuries can be various serious.

It’s natural for an accident victim to find it difficult to get the motivation and help needed to address the damage caused by the crash. We understand, and we want to help. Let our experienced attorneys at Bogaards Law help you recover while also proceeding with legal recourse for your damages.

Why Do You Need a Bay Area Bike Accident Attorney?

An expert attorney with experience in bicycle accident cases will use their invaluable knowledge to your advantage to build a strong case on your half.

Bay Area bicycle accident lawyers offer a wealth of resources and services, including:

  • Gathering evidence
  • Investigating your case
  • Contacting accident witnesses and interviewing them
  • Contacting expert witnesses
  • Helping you determine a fair settlement amount
  • Negotiating a fair settlement
  • Filing your case

What Damages Can a Bicycle Accident Plaintiff Claim?

Damages can stem from both physical and non-physical injuries that derive from an accident. The following are examples of the most frequently claimed damages in bike accident cases:

  • All medical expenses, including for hospitalization and surgery
  • Ongoing medical expenses such as prescription medicine and physical therapy.
  • Emotional therapy
  • Lost wages while recovering
  • Reduced ability to earn as a result of disability
  • Pain and suffering, distress, humiliation, embarrassment and other emotional issues resulting from an accident

You can always discuss the personal and emotional injuries you believe you have a right to claim with a bicycle attorney at Bogaards Law.

What You Should Know About Settlement Negotiation

Before a case goes to trial, you have the option to pursue mediation with the other party’s insurance claims adjusters. Bogaards Law can assist you through the negotiation process with the insurance adjusters. 

You may find, as many plaintiffs do, that a settlement with the insurance company is better than taking your case to court. To begin with, there are no court fees. Also, this type of negotiation allows you to prevent litigation and save time and stress.

Of course, the initial offer you receive from the driver’s insurance company will usually be insufficient to cover all the bodily and non-injury damages you have sustained. We’ll negotiate with the other party to get you the fair settlement you deserve. Likewise, we’ll fight your case in court if necessary to protect your rights and recover your losses.

Why Choose Bogaards Law for Your Bay Area Bicycle Accident Case?

What sets apart Bogaards Law from other firms is not only our extensive experience fighting bike accident cases in the Bay Area, but also the fact that we’re avid cyclists too. 

In fact, Debra Bogaards, an accomplished attorney with over 35 years of successful trial law experience, spends her weekends road biking throughout West Marin. She was recently featured in this publication for her 300-mile journey through Israel on the seat of her bike. 

Bicycle Odyssey in Sausalito, Box Dog in the Mission, Sports Basement in Marina, and other local area bike shops refer their customers to Bogaards Law. The reason they do is simple – we love cycling and we know the law. 

To that end, Ms. Bogaards accurately reconstructs accidents in order to prove liability. Additionally, she assists clients with referrals for medical specialists that you may need to treat your specific injuries.

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