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Being injured as a result of someone else’s negligence is an extremely difficult experience. Not only do you have to cope with the physical injuries you have suffered, but you must also pursue the compensation you need to help ensure that you reach your fullest recovery. None of this is easy, but an experienced Bay Area personal injury lawyer can help you obtain your case’s optimal resolution.

Many Types of Accidents

Many kinds of accidents can be caused by the negligence of another, but there are several that are most closely associated with personal injury claims, including:

Regardless of the kind of accident you suffered through, however, you need the professional legal counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. 

Associated Damages

The damages associated with accidents that lead to personal injury claims can generally be broken down into the following classifications:

  • Medical Costs – A serious injury can involve emergency care and transportation, surgery and follow-up care, treatment from doctors and specialists, prescription medications, adaptive physical devices, physical therapy, home health care, and much more. Further, some injuries can lead to chronic complications and the need for ongoing medical care and treatment. 
  • Lost Earnings – A serious injury often equates with serious time lost on the job and with decreased earnings. Further, if your injury is significant, it could lead to a decreased earning potential and even to the loss of your career as you know it.
  • Pain and Suffering – The events surrounding a car accident and the impact of the accident are often terrifying, and the associated pain and suffering should never be discounted. Many accident victims experience symptoms such as depression, increased anxiety, and other PTSD-like effects, in addition to physical pain from their injuries.

The physical, financial, and emotional damages incurred in a serious accident are often overwhelming. 

The Insurance Company and Claim Process

If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you are going to be dealing with that person’s insurance company and, as such, should keep the following important factors in mind:

  • The insurance company is in business to turn a profit, which often means diminishing payouts by whatever means possible.
  • You are not obligated to provide the insurance company with a formal statement about the accident, and you are well-advised not to do so (the insurance rep is well versed in obtaining damaging statements from vulnerable accident victims).
  • Allowing your experienced personal injury lawyer to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf is the best path forward.

Do Not Delay Consulting with an Experienced Bay Area Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, the dedicated Bay Area personal injury lawyers at Bogaards Law have the experience, fortitude, and commitment to help you obtain the compensation that you need to cover your damages in their entirety. Our formidable legal team is here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation today.

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