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More and more San Francisco residents are becoming environmentally conscious. Interestingly, there is a surge in numbers surrounding those who choose to ride bicycles as their form of commute. With an increase in those opting to bicycle instead of drive, there has been an uptick in bicycle-related accidents and injuries. 

Statistics have estimated that nearly 800 cyclists are killed each year, and 1.2 million people sustain injuries that require a medical visit. Should you have been injured recently in a bicycle accident, you have a right to compensation. A bicycle accident attorney near you at Bogaards Law Firm can help you attain compensation by guiding you through the necessary procedures you need to be involved in. 

What Are The Most Common Bicycle Accident Causes

Although there are many different bicycle accident causes, there are three common causes that stand out. A bicycle accident does not have to be fatal to impact a person’s quality of life profoundly. Many people often suffer significant emotional, psychological, and physical injuries after being involved in a bicycle accident. 

  • A left hook accident.
  • A vehicle failing to yield.
  • Vehicles running over or backing into cyclists.
  • Bicycles crossing a vehicle’s path.
  • Drivers running red lights.
  • Drivers recklessly driving or speeding.
  • A right hook accident.
  • Turn signal failures.

The Top Most Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Cyclists aren’t as protected because much of their body remains open to their environment. Often a bicycle accident won’t result in death, but it will result in a person sustaining some type of injury. Minor bike accidents occur more often than many people believe. Although significant accidents occur on a lesser scale, they tend to leave a person with substantial injuries. 

  • Broken Bones and fractures.
  • Head and traumatic brain injuries.
  • Neck injuries.
  • Back injuries.
  • Internal injuries.
  • Paralysis.

How A Qualified Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help You

Contrary to popular belief, lawsuits involving bicycle accidents can be equally as challenging as typical motor vehicle accident cases. Fortunately, a San Francisco bicycle accident attorney can help you in various ways to ensure you receive a fair chance at gaining compensation. Below are a few ways you can expect a qualified attorney to help you. 

  • An attorney can identify who witnessed your accident and gather witness statements. 
  • They can request and review the police report linked to the accident and any relevant accident reports. 
  • A qualified attorney can recreate the accident scene to understand better what caused you to sustain your injuries. 
  • An attorney will investigate the driving history or general history of the person who caused your accident. 
  • They will inspect and document the damages your bike sustained.
  • An attorney will also contact any relevant experts and get them to analyze specific documentation like medical reports. 

What Compensation Can You Attain If You Have Been Injured In A Bicycle Accident In San Francisco?

Understandably, you are wondering what compensation you are entitled to if you have been involved in a bicycle accident. In the city of San Francisco, with the help of a bicycle attorney, you can seek the below possible damages. 

  • Lost wages and income due to your injuries preventing you from working.
  • Monetary compensation for pain and suffering.
  • All past and future medical costs, including hospital bills, medication, doctor’s visits, and physiotherapy bills.

Contact A San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney Today To Discuss Your Case

Bicycle accidents should be taken seriously as they often cause financial, emotional, and physical difficulties in one’s life. That’s why hiring a professional San Francisco bicycle accident attorney would be logical. At the Bogaards Law Firm, we can help you should you decide to initiate legal proceedings surrounding your bicycle accident. Contact us today for an in-depth consultation so that we can help you hold the negligent parties accountable. 

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