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Car Accident Injury Attorney San Francisco

You recognize the risk that you accept when you travel by car, but the negligence of other drivers increases that risk substantially. As motorists, we owe everyone on our roads a significant duty of care that includes prioritizing their safety. If another driver leaves you or someone you love injured in a car accident, reach out for the skilled legal counsel of an experienced car accident injury attorney in San Francisco today. 

Life-Threatening Forms of Driver Negligence

Drivers can get creative when it comes to dangerous practices behind the wheel, but most fall into one of the following categories:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Aggressive driving
  • Drunk driving

The Losses You Experience

The physical, financial, and emotional losses you experience as a result of another driver’s negligence can quickly add up, including all the following:

  • Property damage to your car and its contents
  • lost income
  • Medical bills
  • Physical and psychological pain and suffering

Ensuring that every category of loss you experience is well documented in your car accident claim is critical to your ability to recover fully. 

Your Car Accident Injury Attorney’s Role

Having an experienced car accident injury attorney in your corner can help in all the following important ways:

  • Your attorney will gather and skillfully compile all the evidence in your claim, including eyewitness testimony and the police report.
  • Your attorney will augment your claim with the expert testimony and accident recreation models necessary to strengthen your position.
  • Your attorney will communicate with the insurance company on your behalf while zealously advocating for your claim’s best possible resolution. 
  • Your attorney will help to ensure that you understand the claims process, that you make the right decisions for you throughout, and that your claim continues to move effectively and efficiently forward.
  • Your attorney will ensure that you are ready to file a lawsuit against the insurance company if it demonstrates disinterest in settling your claim fairly.

Having a savvy car accident injury attorney on your side is the best way to help protect your rights and your rightful compensation. 

Car Accidents: The Statistics

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sums up the damaging effects of car accidents on U.S. roadways with the following statistics: 

  • Every day, there are about 90 deadly car accidents.
  • Among comparison countries, the U.S. has the highest car accident fatality rate. 
  • In 2020, there were nearly 41,000 fatal car accidents, which translates to an average of more than 110 per day (CDC).
  • In 2020, car accidents led to more than 2.1 million injuries that required emergency medical care. 

An Experienced Car Accident Injury Attorney in San Francisco Can Help

The practiced San Francisco car accident injury attorneys at Bogaards Law focus their impressive practice on strategically guiding claims like yours toward advantageous outcomes that support our clients’ best interests. Your claim is important, so please don’t put off contacting us for a free consultation today.

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