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Workplace discrimination isn’t something that’s tolerated in America or California. In fact, this state is known for cracking down on such behaviors. Discrimination against any protected class may result in fines, citations, and additional civil penalties. Unfortunately, many Californians are unaware of what the laws say and their rights in the workplace. As such, they either quit their job and move on or live with horrible treatment. Instead, they should reach out to an experienced discrimination attorney in Alameda as soon as possible. 

Discrimination Laws that Protect Employees

Both federal and state statutes protect California employees from workplace discrimination. The most common laws are the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. They prevent employers from making decisions based on:

  • Religious creed
  • Race
  • National origin
  • Color
  • Ancestry
  • Mental or physical disability
  • Marital status
  • Sex
  • Gender 
  • Gender identity or expression
  • Age
  • Sexual orientation
  • Military or veteran status

In this state, it’s also illegal to discriminate against individuals who have a hereditary disposition to diseases. As such, employee genetic marker testing is against California law. California laws are typically stricter than federal statutes on civil rights, especially those that deal with discrimination against those with disabilities and sexual harassment. In California, a sexual harassment victim has the right to hold a co-worker personally liable for any workplace harassment they subject them to.

California law also has a broader definition of medical conditions, as well as physical and mental disabilities. Unlike federal regulations, there’s no requirement for substantial limitation on life activities for a disability to qualify.

“English-only” policies are also addressed explicitly under California law. Employers can’t bar or limit employees from using any language within their workplace unless the limits are necessary for the business. If it is necessary, employers must provide notifications of when and where language use is restricted and the penalties for not following the restriction.

Examples of Workplace Discrimination

You must be able to recognize workplace discrimination before you can do something about it. Specific actions, circumstances, behaviors, and demeanors are red flags for discrimination. Discrimination” is defined as any type of different treatment of one person than their peers because they are a member of a protected class. Some frequent examples of California workplace discrimination include:

  • Hiring one job applicant over another qualified one because they are or aren’t of a protected class
  • Excluding specific individuals during recruitment efforts
  • Refusing to promote a pregnant employee
  • Denying some employees raises, promotions, or other benefits due to their protected class
  • Paying two employees with equal qualifications differently
  • Assigning different or better medical or disability leave or retirement plans
  • Determining promotions or layoffs
  • Not providing reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities
  • Refusing to hire or promote a person because of their religion, race, nationality, or sexuality
  • Having stricter rules for someone because of a protected class
  • Exclusion from workplace meetings and opportunities

If you know or suspect you have been subject to any of these examples or other discriminatory behaviors, don’t hesitate to meet with a discrimination lawyer in Alameda. 

Take a Stand for Your Rights: Contact an Experienced Discrimination Attorney in Alameda

While anti-discrimination laws are necessary, they can also get confusing. If you aren’t sure what your rights are and want to know if you are experiencing discrimination in the workplace, your best resource is a skilled attorney. Schedule a consultation with an experienced discrimination lawyer in Alameda by contacting Bogaards Law today. We can assess your situation and help you with your next steps.

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