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Despite a number of worker-friendly court decisions in recent years, California is still an at-will employment state. Therefore, employers can fire employees at any time for good reason, a bad reason, or no reason at all. However, San Francisco workers still have significant rights, both during the hiring/firing process and as they carry out their workday responsibilities.

But there are some inequalities in the system. Many large corporations have numerous lawyers who are paid large sums to do only what is in the company’s best interest. Some San Francisco lawyers are not willing to go against such odds. Bogaards Law is one of the notable exceptions. Our professionals know the law, and they know how to make it work for employees. If you were wronged at work, you may be entitled to both justice and compensation.

Discrimination Claims in California

Generally, if they have an employment discrimination complaint, aggrieved workers must first go to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This undersized agency usually only takes cases that are easy wins, make a political statement, or involve enormous monetary losses. So, there is a good chance that the EEOC will elect not to pursue a particular claim. That refusal usually has nothing to do with the strength of your case and everything to do with the EEOC’s agenda.

So, most aggrieved workers must go to an employment attorney near them. The professionals at Bogaards Law routinely handle a vast array of employment discrimination claims, including:

  • Sexual Orientation: This an emerging area of the law. While Title VII of the Civil Rights Act definitely outlaws sexual orientation discrimination, it remains somewhat undecided if this prohibition applies to transgender workers. The smart money and most legal precedent indicate that it does.
  • Age: Several years ago, the Supreme Court made it harder to win age discrimination claims in court. Therefore, the EEOC almost never takes on these cases. However, the aggressive lawyers at Bogaards Law have experience with these types of claims and can work to obtain the justice employees deserve.
  • National Origin: In many cases, national origin claims are back-door discrimination cases. For example, many companies have English-only policies for their workers, even though these policies make no sense from a business necessity standpoint.

Procedurally, the plaintiff must present what is called a prima facie discrimination claim. The employer then has the right to rebut those allegations, and the worker usually has the last word in this back-and-forth argument.

Workplace Operation Claims in San Francisco

The employment law umbrella covers more than workplace discrimination claims. Many workers need legal guidance with non-discriminatory workplace issues, such as:

  • Employment contracts,
  • Glass ceiling promotion barriers, and
  • Severance or noncompetition agreements.

Situations like these often call for an aggressive litigator. In many other cases, negotiation resolves these disputes. So, your attorney must understand how these negotiations work and stand up for your interests without going over the top. That is a skill set that not all lawyers possess, but the professionals at Bogaards Law know how to get things done in negotiation sessions.

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