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California has the most extensive and strongest laws throughout the nation when it comes to employee rights. The majority of California employees might not even be aware that their rights are already being violated because they’re unaware of their own rights. But once you suspect that your employer is violating your rights, our California labor attorneys here at Bogaards Law can help. Here are some common violations that we can help you with: 

  • Sex or Gender Discrimination: Sex or gender discrimination could be subtle or obvious and could come in the form of unequal pay, disparate privileges and rules, and verbal or physical sexual misconduct, among others. This also includes failing to follow laws and implement workplace policies to safeguard LGBTQIAP+ individuals from discrimination.
  • Disability Discrimination: Employers might be held liable for discrimination if they fail to provide disabled employees with reasonable accommodations. 
  • Age Discrimination: All employees who are 40 years old and older cannot be discriminated against because of their age.
  • Employer Retaliation: It’s unlawful for employers to punish employees or retaliate against them for filing complaints about workplace harassment, discrimination, and other violations.
  • Whistleblowing: Employers cannot retaliate against or penalize employees who disclose information about a law violation (the company’s or one of its employees) to a law enforcement or federal agency.
  • Genetic Discrimination: Employers are prohibited from using genetic information when deciding on employment decisions because that confidential information isn’t, in any way, relevant to an employee’s ability to work. 
  • Color or Racial Discrimination: This involves intentional acts, racial animus, or practices that negatively affect specific racial groups regardless of whether or not discrimination was the intended outcome. 
  • Pregnancy Discrimination: This is among the most common forms of discrimination against women in the workplace. It typically occurs in various contexts, including failing to provide pregnant employees with reasonable accommodations at work. 
  • Sexual Harassment: Commonly, this takes the form of obvious or subtle unwanted sexual conduct, advances, discussions, or comments, thus, creating a hostile work environment for employees. 
  • Sexual Assault: In California, sexual assault can include seduction, sexual threats, rape, and sodomy, among many others. 
  • Medical Leave Violations: Qualified employees that have been denied medical leave or fired after requesting leave or right after coming back from leave may have a valid claim for employee rights violation.  
  • Wrongful Termination: Employees might have a valid violation claim if they were fired for reasons they believe are related to their gender, race, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, reporting a violation, or request for a medical leave.

Can Employees Pursue Damages for Employee Rights Violations?

State and federal employment and labor laws provide employees the legal right to pursue legal remedies when they’ve suffered from discrimination, wrongful termination, and other forms of employer misconduct. The damages an employee may be eligible for will mainly be dependent on the specific facts of the claim but may typically include: 

  • Reinstatement
  • Benefits
  • Attorney fees and court costs
  • Emotional distress, which is very common in employment claims that involve discrimination or sexual harassment
  • Punitive damages, which are usually awarded if the employer’s misconduct was particularly egregious

When Should Employees Contact a California Labor Lawyer?

Employers, being in the position of power they’re in, could commit different unlawful actions that place employees at an unfair disadvantage. Employees should consult with a labor lawyer in these situations: 

  • You have been fired or terminated wrongfully or unlawfully.
  • You have been retaliated against, discriminated against, or harassed by an employer. 
  • You are being pressured to sign a contract that waives some of their employee rights.
  • The employer hasn’t given benefits that the employee is lawfully entitled to under the employment agreement.
  • The employer has violated any federal or state law created for the protection of employees.  

Get Sound Legal Advice from a Reputed California Labor Attorney Today

Never let any employer violate your legal rights. The moment you suspect that an employer is violating your employment rights, talk to a California labor lawyer as soon as possible. Waiting too long to consult a lawyer could make proving the employer’s misconduct more difficult and prevent an employee from recovering damages. Fill out our contact form or call Bogaards Law today to arrange your appointment. 

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