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At Bogaards Law, we know employees in the Bay Area put in the work required to keep their employers’ businesses going. Whether in tech, service, manufacturing, or construction industry, employees are the lifeline of any organization.

As an employee, you owe your employer a duty to perform your work diligently and to observe all safety protocols prescribed by your employer. Sometimes, however, in spite of your best efforts, you may get the short end of the stick in your relationship with your employer.  If you suffer an adverse employment action from your employer, contact us, the attorneys at Bogaards Law. Our practice extends to the following labor law issues: 

What to Do If You are Having Problems with Your Bay Area Employer

Your employer and the people who represent him, like your supervisor, are liable for any adverse action you suffer in the course of your employment. If you experience unfair labor practices from your employer, take the following steps:

  • Talk to your employer as they may not be aware of the problem and may promptly address it if you bring it to their attention. 
  • Continue to perform your work diligently so your employer cannot use poor performance as an excuse for an adverse action like termination. 
  • Document every relevant interaction as this may come in handy in certain claims, for example, in an action for a hostile work environment where the exact words spoken may be required to prove if an action was severe, even if not pervasive, to create a hostile work environment. 
  • Keep copies of all relevant documents, including pay stubs, performance reviews, emails, etc.
  • Once you determine your employer has unlawfully taken an adverse employment action against you, contact an attorney immediately. It is important you act quickly as the law requires for certain types of claims that notices must be filed with a government agency before a lawsuit can be initiated. 

Options for Filing a Labor Claim in the Bay Area

There are many options for addressing a claim against your employer in the Bay Area, and the option you choose determines the extent of damages recoverable. Your attorney can advise you on the best course of action for a discrimination or wrongful termination claim, such as pursuing a claim under state or federal law.

Also, while you may file a wage claim for unpaid wages with the labor commissioner’s office, if you are considered an independent contractor, your only remedy may be to bring a civil action against your employer. At Bogaards Law, we have up-to-date information on new labor laws. For example, in light of new laws and developments, we can provide you information on whether your employer is improperly classifying you as an independent contractor when you are, in fact, an employee. 

Talk to A Labor Law Attorney in the Bay Area Today

No two cases are the same. To determine how best to pursue your labor claim, talk to a Bay Area labor lawyer today. At Bogaards Law, we have extensive experience representing employees all the way to trial. If you think you may have a claim against your employer,  contact us

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