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Being harmed by someone else’s negligence leaves you in the challenging position of attempting to keep up with your medical bills while you are likely also experiencing a loss in terms of earnings. When you factor in the psychic and physical pain and suffering that’s been foisted upon you, it makes your situation that much more difficult. If these are the circumstances you are facing, it’s time to reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Mountain View.

The At-Fault Party’s Negligence

Personal injury claims are based on negligence, which means that the party who caused you to be injured failed to uphold the responsibility that he or she had to act reasonably. For example, motorists are responsible for driving in accordance with the law while taking the safety of others on the road into consideration. Failure to do so amounts to negligence.  

The Losses You’ve Experienced

You were injured by the at-fault party’s negligence, and the losses (or what the law calls your damages) you incur may be extensive and can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Your medical expenses, which includes all necessary health care provisions, such as emergency transportation, surgery, hospitalization, rehabilitation, and much more
  • Your lost wages, which will need to include any decrease in earning potential that you experience
  • The physical and emotional pain and suffering you experience, which can be one of the most challenging roadblocks to recovery that you encounter

Seeking Just Compensation

Your personal injury claim will be filed with the at-fault party’s insurance provider, but obtaining the compensation that covers your complete damages can be more difficult than you may recognize. While the insurance company handling your claim is governed by careful federal and state restrictions, it is also profit-based and will engage in whatever tactics it can get away with to keep your settlement as low as possible. Consider the following common approaches:

  • Denying your claim from the start (in the hope that you will simply give up)
  • Offering a low but early settlement (before you even recognize the full extent of your damages)
  • Artificially extending or complicating the claim’s process
  • Calling the extent of your losses into question
  • Casting doubt on its policyholder’s fault in your claim (and turning the blame toward you)

Because your ability to reach your most complete recovery is likely to be directly affected by your claim’s resolution, working closely with an experienced personal injury lawyer is in your best interest. 

Turn to an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Mountain View

If someone else’s negligence causes you to be harmed in an accident, seeking the compensation to which you are entitled is paramount, and the skilled personal injury lawyers at Bogaards Law are here to help you do that. We take great pride in our stellar track record of helping clients like you prevail with just compensation that represents the full range of their damages, and we’re here for you too. To learn more about how we can help, please don’t wait to contact us for a free consultation today.

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