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Colors and Court

May 31, 2019

With a slew of recent legal appearances by public figures, courtroom fashion is once more in the limelight. The truth is, how you dress is a large part of how others perceive you, especially those who do not know you personally (as will be the case in court). Dressing in specific colors can create different statements: wearing bright, summery colors could come off as overly breezy and carefree, particularly if you are facing serious charges. In these cases, I’ve found that dressing my clients in simple gray, brown and navy can help create the appearance of innocence and honesty. These colors, in combination with modest and professional dress, will make clients appear as though they are taking the matter seriously, but are composed and confident for the proceedings. After all, dressing has broad psychological implications; whether you are appearing in court or coming to work after you’ve made a serious mistake, finding the right fashion can help you communicate a message of honesty and innocence.

For a few more tips on dressing for success, read this article in Ladders, where I’m quoted speaking about courtroom garb. I’ve helped plenty of clients find a fitting fashion for their day in court, and I may be able to help you as well – reach out to speak with me today.


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