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Drunk Driving Increases During the Holiday Season 

December 3, 2019

When people get together and socialize with family and friends over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, they have a tendency to consume alcohol. Unfortunately, when individuals consume too much alcohol and then get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, they put every other driver on the roadway at risk.  

It is no secret that drunk driving accidents can lead to serious injuries – and sometimes deaths – for one or both of the parties involved in the accident. If you or a person you care about has been injured in a motor vehicle collision that was caused by a drunk driver over the holidays, the experienced personal injury lawyers at Bogaards Law could file a personal injury claim for damages on your behalf. We could also file a lawsuit against the responsible driver, in the event the insurance company refuses to make a reasonable settlement offer. Please contact us to learn more about how we could assist you with your legal matter today. 

Penalties for Drunk Drivers

Whenever a driver operates a motor vehicle in excess of the legal limit or while impaired, he or she could ultimately be convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in the State of California. In addition to incurring criminal penalties, he or she could also be responsible for any civil damages, in the event the driver causes a motor vehicle collision in which someone else suffers an injury. 

Driving while under the influence of alcohol greatly impairs a driver’s perception and could cause him or her to misjudge distance and depth, often resulting in a collision with a pedestrian or another motor vehicle.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim or Lawsuit against a Drunk Driver

In order to prove negligence in a motor vehicle collision case, the accident victim must ordinarily show that the at-fault driver owed him or her a duty of care and breached that duty. Violating a traffic law, including drunk driving laws, are typically sufficient to constitute the duty and breach elements of a negligence case. However, the accident victim is still responsible for demonstrating that he or she suffered injuries in the accident and that the accident was the proximate cause of those injuries. 

Compensable damages in drunk driving motor vehicle accident cases can include compensation for related medical bills, lost wages, loss of use of a body part, mental distress and anguish, and loss of spousal companionship or family support. An experienced California personal injury attorney could assist you with filing a personal injury claim or bringing a lawsuit against a drunk driver who caused your motor vehicle collision. 

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If you have suffered one or more injuries in a motor vehicle collision that was caused by a drunk driver, the experienced legal team at Bogaards Law could help you pursue the compensation you deserve. To schedule a free case evaluation and consultation with a San Francisco personal injury attorney, please contact us as soon as possible. Our legal team is ready to assist you.


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