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There are federal and California laws that protect employees who report issues like harassment, discrimination, or criminal behavior of their employers.

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When a company finds itself in trouble, the higher-ups often look for a ‘fall guy’ or someone to be the scapegoat. In these situations, they may resort to retaliating against the employee responsible for reporting or discovering the bad behavior.

You may have options for relief if an employer retaliates against you, but it is important to speak with a California retaliation attorney first. A knowledgeable attorney can advise you on your legal options and ensure that your rights are protected. There may be multiple laws your employer is violating, which may have different reporting requirements if one is federal and one is state.

What is Retaliation in California?

Generally, retaliation is when an employer takes actions to “get back” at an employee for something he or she did. This can be firing or demoting the employee, for example. Sometimes an employee can be performing well and receiving positive evaluations, only to be suddenly let go. The employee in question may be subjected to a hostile work environment or be harassed. Maybe the employee lost out on a promotion or bonus he or she was promised. If the sudden change in behavior is related to an employment law claim against the employer, then you may have a strong case for retaliation.

What are Protected Employee Actions in California?

To understand whether you have a valid California retaliation claim, you first have to recognize some of the protected activity. These actions fall under laws that protect employees who file discrimination claims for sex or gender, race, religion, disability, national origin, or membership in any other protected class. Hostile work environment and/or harassment claims are often covered under retaliation lawsuits, as well.

Examples of activities covered under employment discrimination laws include:

  • Filing a discrimination lawsuit in court or a complaint with a federal or state agency;
  • Refusal of an employer’s request to discriminate against another employee;
  • Testifying as a witness in employment discrimination hearings;
  • Answering an investigator’s question about employment discrimination;
  • Rejecting or resisting unwanted sexual advances;
  • Asking for leave under FMLA;
  • Requesting an accommodation under the Americans with Disability Act

Contacting a San Francisco Retaliation Attorney

If you think you are being discriminated against or retaliated against at work, contact Bogaards Law today. We can work to help protect your rights and ensure your employer does not retaliate against you or any other employee again. Experiencing retaliation is difficult, but so is being able to prove it and be successful in a lawsuit. At Bogaards Law, we investigate on our client’s behalf to obtain relevant evidence to ensure you have a strong case against your employer.

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