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How Debra Bogaards Got Tough

August 20, 2013

Many lawyers have a “defining moment” when they learn something about themselves and the nature of the work they are doing. For me, this was a trial I undertook in San Mateo. Whereas many lawyers deal with the ridicule or abuse of the opposing counsel, I was forced to endure interruptions and unfavorable treatment on the part of the judge — an individual who is meant to serve as an unbiased and just force within the courtroom. Though I never want to repeat this experience, it taught me one valuable lesson: you have to be tough in this town. I persevered, got through the case with some help from my family, and now maintain an excellent courtroom record — in part because of experiences like this. Standing up to courtroom pressure, whether it comes from the opposing counsel or the judge, helps convince all parties that you aren’t going anywhere and that they must take your claim or defense seriously.

Read this article to learn more about the experiences that have defined me and my courtroom style. If you are seeking a tough, experienced and professional attorney to represent your case — whether we reach a reasonable settlement or take the case to trial — reach out today.


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