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Is it Worth Getting a Lawyer for a Car Accident?

March 2, 2021

Is it Worth Getting a Lawyer for a Car Accident?

Even if you strive to stay safe by driving within the speed limit, not running a red light, or never driving under the influence of alcohol, you may nevertheless become a victim of an accident due to circumstances beyond your control, such as the negligence of other drivers. 

When an accident happens, the next steps you take can help determine whether, and to what extent, you will receive compensation for the damages you suffered. After an accident, one highly important step is to talk to a California car accident lawyer for the reasons discussed below.

A Lawyer Will Help You Collect Evidence to Support Your Case

After an accident, you must show you suffered harm to yourself or to your property before you can get any form of compensation from an insurance company. Whereas some damages are easily established, others, like the need for medical care, loss of earnings, and pain and suffering, require extensive proof.

A lawyer is able to work with doctors and other experts in his network to obtain the necessary proof to make your case stronger. Hiring a lawyer also ensures the evidence is preserved should there be a need for a lawsuit later in the claim process. 

A Lawyer Knows How the Law Should be Applied

When you deal with insurance adjusters without the assistance of an attorney, the adjusters may try to confuse you. They do this by interpreting the law in a way most favorable to the insurance companies. 

For example, the other party’s insurer may try to apportion some blame to you under comparative fault laws without any basis to reduce the damages they will pay you. Having an attorney on your side will ensure the law is interpreted in a fair manner to you. 

A Lawyer Can Determine if Additional Parties Are Responsible for Your Damages

Generally, insurance companies cannot pay more than the maximum coverage on a policy. Sometimes, however, the policy limit is not enough to cover your damages. 

When the insurance policy carried by the other party is not sufficient to cover your loss, a lawyer can help you determine if there are other parties with potentially higher policy limits who may also be held accountable. For example, the culpable driver’s employer, if the driver was driving the employer’s vehicle during work hours at the time of the accident, or the manufacturer of their vehicle may also be liable for your damages.

Without engaging the services of an attorney, you may be unable to recognize or prove that these other parties are equally liable for your damages. 

A Lawyer is Likely to Help You Get Maximum Settlement

Studies have shown that people who hire attorneys often get as much as three and half times more monetary damages than people who represent themselves.  

Like any other business, insurance companies look for ways to cut costs as they are in business to make money. As a result, they often offer the least amount possible to settle claims by referring claimants to exclusions on the policy, etc. Insurance companies are more likely to make a reasonable offer when an attorney is involved to save them litigation costs. When you hire an attorney, you send a signal to the insurance company that you are ready to match their tactics, and they are more willing to settle. 

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If you are involved in an accident, you should always speak with a California car accident attorney at no cost to you. There is nothing to lose, so contact us at Bogaards Law today.


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