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Juicy Scoop Podcast Praises “Incredible” Attorney Debra Bogaards

July 14, 2021

Sometimes, the real impact of a lawyer’s contribution to your case is difficult to measure, but we all know that having the right representation makes a world of difference, especially when it comes to obtaining compensation in serious injury cases. An attorney who is a true advocate for their clients often gets noticed by others, so it’s no surprise that Attorney Debra Bogaards of Bogaards Law was recently recognized by a popular podcast for her exceptional handling of a tragic wrongful death case.

In a recent episode of Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald, the host and her guest, Kimberly Archie, discuss the ABC News true-crime series The Housewife and The Hustler, which details allegations of embezzlement against a well-known Los Angeles attorney. In other words, that high-powered attorney allegedly stole millions of dollars from settlements he obtained on behalf of his injured clients. While talking about what it’s like to hire an attorney in a wrongful death case, they point out Debra Bogaards’ conduct as an example of what a good lawyer should do for their clients.

One Explosion, Two Very Different Outcomes: How Bogaards Law Got It Right

Ms. Bogaards’ connection to the streaming series comes from a case that she won involving the San Bruno pipeline explosion, in which she represented the family of a 20-year-old woman who was killed.

On September 9, 2010, a gas pipeline burst in a residential neighborhood in San Bruno, California, killing 8 people and igniting a fire that destroyed dozens of homes. At the time, Jessica Morales was at the home of her boyfriend, Joseph Ruigomez, very near the epicenter of the blast and fire. Jessica was killed, and Joe was severely burned.

During the podcast, McDonald and Archie, who both appear in the streaming series, talk about how Jessica and Joe’s families met with several law firms, big and small, before choosing one to hire. The docu-series explains why Joe’s family chose to work with well-known attorney Tom Girardi, who is the subject of the allegations in the show. While Joe’s case was successful and he was awarded a multi-million-dollar settlement, he accuses Mr. Girardi of improperly keeping much of that settlement and withholding payments that he agreed to send to Joe and his family.

Archie, who is a friend of the Ruigomez family and a former legal consultant at Girardi’s firm, shares that Jessica’s family chose instead to work with Debra Bogaards, and of that decision, she says, “Thank god, thank god, thank god!”

“Cause they did get their money?” McDonald asks. “They got their money, and it was great,” Archie replies.

She goes on to say Debra is “an incredible attorney.” She shares with the audience how Debra took Rene Morales, Jessica’s mom, to help her buy her outfit for mediation, an important gesture of compassion in a time of grief and confusion. Dressing appropriately for a mediation in front of two retired appellate justices, her mediators, in a big, intimidating high-rise office building was so important, since Rene had only seconds to make a good first impression, which would affect the monetary outcome. “So here she is,” Archie says, “months after her daughter died, you don’t think that’s a big deal, but for your lawyer to take you shopping, to make sure you know what to wear to mediation, so you can represent your daughter? Those were the differences.”

The acknowledgment of Debra’s efforts causes both women to pause briefly in the otherwise upbeat show, before lightening the mood by admitting that normally, “We like to make fun of lawyers.” But in Debra’s case, they have only praise.

True Dedication to Injured People

It’s not every day that an entertainment podcast hosted by a comedian stops to compliment a lawyer, but then again Debra Bogaards has made a career out of being exceptional. Ms. Rene Morales is just one of many clients that Debra has helped to dress for court or depositions, and she’s written several helpful articles on what to wear to court, including detailed advice on dressing for digital court appearances and how clothing colors may be interpreted in the courtroom. She wants each case she represents to have the best possible chance for success, and it shows in the outcomes she achieves for her clients.

Bogaards Law is Here to Help

At Bogaards Law, we know that every detail matters, as well as how you’re treated by your legal team at each step in your case. The outcome can impact your life for many years, and you deserve to have a strong representative by your side. If you or a loved one have been injured or killed by another person’s actions, contact Bogaards Law today to discuss your case.


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