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New Lawyers Turn to Trial Attorney Debra Bogaards for Trial Advice

February 3, 2020

Lawyers and lawsuits are such a popular topic for television shows and movies that a whole genre of “courtroom drama” has been created to share these compelling stories. They usually feature young, good-looking attorneys spending days or weeks pouring over every detail of a single case, and engaging in heated exchanges with other attorneys, judges, and court personnel. But how well does that match up to the reality of working as an attorney? That’s the question one blogger set out to answer, and he turned to trusted attorney and mediator Debra Bogaards of Bogaards Law in San Francisco for a unique and well-informed perspective on the topic. The resulting discussion has been viewed over 8000 times by current and future attorneys looking for guidance on what to expect as a working lawyer.

As a working mom, an avid cyclist, and a dedicated attorney with almost 40 trial victories under her belt, Bogaards is very familiar with the realities of working in the law profession. Her experience has led young attorneys and the media to turn to her for professional advice several times before, including interviews in Super Lawyer Magazine, Plaintiff Magazine, and  Yahoo/AOL online (the latter with over one million views in the first hour of the post).

Commenting on how the legal world is represented in media, Bogaards notes the differences and similarities between a dramatized court scene and real-life trials. Even though television shows featuring courtroom drama tend to exaggerate the details, they do so to entertain the audience. However, Bogaards notes that there are instances in real life where lawyers become aggressive and “go for the jugular,” so young lawyers should anticipate that type of confrontation during their own cases.

Bogaards states that she relates to a female character in the show Suits. The character, like Bogaards, dresses to impress. That’s one of the defining characteristics of Bogaards’s trial strategy: distinguishing herself from the other lawyers is key, she claims. Having been interviewed several times by esteemed law magazines, Bogaards has continuously offered advice to young attorneys. In each of her interviews, Bogaards often cites her unique style—a blue pantsuit and 5-inch stilettos—as a way to make her message stand out in the courtroom. Ultimately, Bogaards advises new attorneys to establish a strong courtroom presence, which provides confidence against an aggressive opponent.

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