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A Look at Lori Loughlin

April 3, 2019

I’ve written extensively about how your client should compose their appearance before appearing in court, settlement and mediation. And while their dress is certainly a significant factor when establishing their “honest and sympathetic” image, demeanor also plays a huge role. In a recent court appearance, Lori Loughlin was seen rushing into the courtroom, while smiling and waving at fans and catcallers. From this scene alone, Ms. Loughlin may not seem like she is taking the courtroom proceedings seriously, a flippant image which can be hard to shake during litigation. This attitude, combined with a wardrobe which is far too casual for the severity of the crimes which Ms. Loughlin is facing — having allegedly paid $500,000 to have her daughter accepted to USC — could mean trouble. When compared with Felicity Huffman, who stands accused of a similar crime, the distinction couldn’t be more apparent. Ms. Huffman came to court wearing a somber black pantsuit, a stressed look playing across her face as she entered the courtroom.

Yahoo Entertainment recently interviewed me on this same subject, and you can read all of my comments on both women’s appearance and demeanor! As a seasoned trial attorney, dressing the part can make a huge difference during court sessions. Contact me to discuss your case today!


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