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Pants are Optional: Staging Your Client for Zoom Meetings 

September 21, 2020

As many attorneys take safety precautions due to COVID-19, virtual consultations have become the norm in lieu of in-person meetings. Now, clients and attorneys alike enjoy a more relaxed dress code. Even Attorney Debra Bogaards traded her signature stilettos for flipflops. But appearance is still an essential part of any professional meeting. In her article for Plaintiff Magazine’s August 2020 edition, Ms. Bogaards explains how a little preparation goes a long way. Here’s what attorneys should consider when “staging” their clients for a virtual meeting.

Remote meetings have led to an increase in sales of tops while sales for pants have remained the same. The discrepancy indicates that having a sophisticated meeting is partly done through “staging.” It’s not hard to maintain your credibility, even if you’re wearing sweatpants on the bottom. From wearing tasteful, professional clothing to choosing a background for your virtual meeting, Ms. Bogaards expresses the importance of detail. If clients want to relax their dress code, they can, but they should “wear shirts or blouses suited for business but keep their pajamas or sweatpants out of camera’s view.”

Ms. Bogaards explains how her clients dress for remote meetings. Ms. Bogaards has a few recommendations, such as how clients should wear browns and blues rather than washed-out colors like gray. Navy blue is a particularly strong color as it exudes “confidence, trustworthiness and intelligence” in a client. Likewise, wearing makeup is advantageous as it emphasizes features that are easily picked up by the camera, such as the eyes. Ms. Bogaards points out that “airbrushing” clients can make their faces appear softer and more sympathetic. 

The way we present ourselves speaks volumes about who we are. Appearance is rooted in rhetoric, after all, so taking the time to refine your look is an excellent way to make your virtual consultation a success. Read the full article in Plaintiff Magazine, and contact Bogaards Law today for dependable legal advice.


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