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Persistence, Experience, and Credibility: Praise for Debra Bogaards’ Mediation Skills

April 23, 2020

A skilled mediator is an asset to both attorneys and their clients, helping the parties reach an agreement they’re each satisfied with while avoiding expensive and lengthy litigation. So it’s no surprise that much of attorney Debra Bogaards’ mediation work begins with referrals from fellow lawyers. These types of referrals are common, but here we want to share a few of the reasons why so many law firms in San Francisco and across the country prefer to work with Debra Bogaards of Bogaards Law for mediation services.

Adaptability Under Pressure

Having a clear strategy and sticking to it is important in the legal profession, but so is the ability to adapt if it becomes clear that your current approach isn’t working. This lesson became all too clear for many of us in the early months of 2020, when restrictions on travel and public activities were put in place due to the coronavirus outbreak. Like so many other workplaces, Bogaards Law quickly took steps to protect employees and clients, including adding additional options for video conferencing and remote meetings with clients.

In one instance, attorney Bogaards conducted a mediation session entirely by telephone. The plaintiff’s attorney who initiated the mediation, a colleague from Debra’s days as a defense attorney, admitted that the virtual session was “interesting,” but “it went smoothly and productively. The case settled within the allotted time frame due largely in part to Ms. Bogaards’ persistence but also her vast experience in personal injury work.”

Debra was determined not to allow the health crisis to impact the case any further than necessary, and her client agreed, saying, “She was prepared and knew the flashpoints needed to get this settled. It took time but it was due to the other plaintiff’s counsel’s  obstinance, which she dealt with professionally and civilly.”

Legal Knowledge

Flexibility is just one of Debra’s strengths. With more than 35 years of experience as a successful trial lawyer, she also brings an impressive wealth of legal knowledge to each case. She is the former managing partner of a legal defense firm who now heads a highly respected trial law practice focused on representing plaintiffs. Debra’s experience on both sides of a case allows her to bring a uniquely holistic view to the mediation process. Her recent client admitted to being “very impressed with her grasp of value as regards a plaintiff’s case. She was spot on regarding the values and issues. I would not hesitate to use her again and recommend her as a Mediator to all plaintiff’s attorneys who view her strictly as a former defense attorney. She is way more than that; very efficient, there was no wasted time.

An Advocate for Justice 

No matter which side she’s on, one thing has always remained the same – Debra is a tenacious advocate for doing what is right and will seek a fair and just resolution for all parties involved. This makes Debra an exceptional mediator, with the ability to analyze the case from a neutral but well-informed perspective. Her recent mediation client says, “It was obvious her defense and plaintiff’s background gave her credibility with both parties. All in all, it was all a very positive experience.” 

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