Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Nowhere is our passion for justice stronger than when we're asked to help a client seek recovery for a catastrophic persona l injury, or a family recover losses for a loved one's death caused by someone else's recklessness or negligence.

We can't heal the physical or emotional pain of a personal injury or wrongful death. But with knowledge, experience and skill we can target optimal financial recovery, and provide the compassion and resources personal injury victims and survivors need. With almost 40 trials to verdict, we are passionate litigators, and never back down from a dispute, no matter how big and well-financed the defendant. Our lawyers have extensive defense experience, and understand the thinking that goes into trying to thwart plaintiffs ' demands for damages. We are known for our creative and pragmatic litigation strategies, and can often obtain top dollar in settlements, sparing our clients the time and distress of trial.

Our cases cover the spectrum of wrongful death and personal injury catastrophes and mayhem from the San Bruno PG&E gas pipeline explosion to car and motorcycle crashes, from burns to broken bones, from loss of wages to loss of consortium to loss of life. Our latest recoveries include over eight-figure settlements in cases such as these: The wrongful death of a young daughter in the San Bruno PG&E gas pipeline explosion ; an elder abuse case involving the death of a colleague's mother within a month of moving into a care facility, because of lack of medications; a carbon monoxide poisoning case where the family had only one day of exposure and no residual symptoms; two complex wrist fracture cases with questionable liability; and two cases involving sexual molestations of students. In the abstract, these recoveries are impressive. In reality, our clients' personal recoveries make all of our efforts worthwhile.


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Each case is unique. Our attorneys meet each with sensitivity and dedication to the craft of lawyering, using the judicial system as it was meant to be used - for the pursuit of justice for people who have been hurt, in these cases by a personal injury or wrongful death. If you have suffered an injury or loss, please contact Bogaards Law call 415.979.0480  or email for a free consultation and case evaluation.


Debra guided us through a sticky wicket of obfuscation and confusion thrown out by the hotel where my husband slipped and broke his femur in four places. She was able to clearly demonstrate that the hotel was at fault in this case, and we reached a nice settlement through mediation. We were extremely pleased by her professional abilities and personal attention, and we recommend Debra Bogaards without hesitation!

– Dolores

Bicycle Law


Bogaards Law has a sweet spot for bicyclists. 

Ms. Bogaards is an avid endurance rider who likes to go out on her road bike on the weekends to Stinson Beach, Pt. Reyes, Alpine Dam, Seven Sisters, BoFax, Marshall Wall and just about anywhere in West Marin.  Most recently, she rode 300 miles in the desert from Eilat to Jerusalem with the F.I.D.F. (late October 2017). Read more about her cycling in Israel in this newspaper article.

Debra Bogaards in Jerusalem with the F.I.D.F. Oct 2017 ( Read more → )

Debra Bogaards in Jerusalem with the F.I.D.F. Oct 2017 (Read more →)

Many local bike shops, like Box Dog in the Mission and Sports Basement, refer their customers who have been involved in bike accidents to Bogaards Law.  Many cyclists are taken out by a right hook or get doored.  Ms. Bogaards understands the accident reconstruction needed to prove liability.  Moreover, she is able to assist clients who need referrals to orthopedic surgeons for broken wrists, clavicle fractures, shoulder dislocations and other injuries.

When you are injured in a bike accident, consider retaining a skilled cyclist and attorney at Bogaards Law!


"After blind rejection from several attorneys...a close family friend referred me to Debra Bogaards. From the moment I called her office, I spoke to Ms. Bogaards directly (no “middleman”). She expressed great empathy about our situation and agreed to review our case. She conducted a very thorough examination of the information we provided her and consulted with experts about our case. Ultimately, there were a number of unique challenges that made a successful lawsuit in our situation difficult. Although other attorneys may have recognized these challenges, they did not inform us of their observations until we consulted Ms. Bogaards. She was honest with us about the challenges, respectful of our situation and helped us make a rational and informed decision. We ultimately decided not to pursue a lawsuit in our situation but I can’t thank Ms. Bogaards enough for her time and professionalism in reviewing our case. I am glad a friend recommended her to us, and I am also glad to recommend her to you."

- Sean

Case Results

Morales v. PG&E
Wrongful Death

  • Wrongful death of the 20-year-old daughter of Renee and Israel Morales in the San Bruno PG&E gas pipeline explosion, with co-counsel John Feder. We were the second case to go to mediation resulting in one of the highest settlements in history. We also accompanied Renee Morales to the PG&E criminal trial over 5 years later. 
  • RESULT: Confidential Settlement
Debra Bogaards will be featured in an upcoming documentary about the PG&E pipeline explosion and her case. 

Debra Bogaards will be featured in an upcoming documentary about the PG&E pipeline explosion and her case. 

Kintis v. Barbieri
Wrongful Death

  • Wrongful death of 94 year old petite grandmother who ran out into traffic in the middle of the block between parked cars against a red light. Our accident reconstruction expert found no liability- zero-against the driver who hit her. 
  • RESULT: $150,000 settlement

Felguth v. Epstein
Personal Injury

  • Speeding on a rented motorcycle after the Gay Pride Parade, plaintiff was hit by a Jeep making a left on Mission Street in San Francisco. Both sides' accident reconstruction experts agreed that if plaintiff had been going the speed limit, the accident could have been avoided. Plaintiff suffered multiple pelvic fractures and underwent three surgeries. Her medical specials were S185,000. She had no wage loss claim as a Lt. Firefighter. 
  • RESULT: $900,000 settlement

Personal Injury

  • Partial finger amputation of 8 y.o. boy with comparative fault. 
  • RESULT: $580,000 settlement

Hiskes v. DoubleTree Hotel
Personal Injury

  • Plaintiff was an 85-year-old man attending a weekly Rotary meeting at the DoubleTree Hotel in Livermore. He slipped on wet tiles, and broke his femur in four places.
  • RESULT: $225,000 settlement

Tashjian v. U.S.F.
Personal Injury

  • Plaintiff slipped and fell on nacho cheese on the floor at a U.S.F. basketball game, injuring his knee and resulting in arthroscopic surgery.
  • RESULT: $250,000 settlement plus a pair of season tickets to U.S.F. men’s basketball


Ocegueda v. Hoffman
Personal Injury

  • Wrist fracture arising out of pedestrian/auto accident, no surgery. 
  • RESULT: $270,000 settlement

Gutierrez-Hermasillo v. Martindale Ranch
Personal Injury

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning case where clients, living in a ranch home in west Marin County, had only one day of exposure and no residual symptoms.
  • RESULT: $157,000 settlement

Tjaden v. Campbell
Personal Injury

  • Bicyclist suffered broken wrist injury requiring multiple surgeries in no liability case.
  • RESULT: Prelitigation settlement for $100,000 policy limits and $15,000 cash contribution by driver

Gamba v. Wanaselja
Personal Injury

  • Race car professional suffered neuropathic leg pain when race car driver backed up into him, while standing at metal table in hangar. 
  • RESULT:   $75,000 settlement

Wolter v. Marzolf Bros and Martin Flores Drywall
Personal Injury

  • Homeowner slips on unsecured tarp in her foyer after coming downstairs and sues her general contractor doing her kitchen remodel. Homeowner suffers a severe elbow injury with surgery.
  • RESULT:   $343,000 settlement

Retsky v. Ride Share Company
Personal Injury

  • Cyclist gets doored by ride share car. Bruising and scarring near eye and hand.
  • RESULT:  $99,000 settlement