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Elder abuse and nursing home neglect claims involve a unique set of rules.

Bay Area Elder Abuse Attorney

When a parent becomes unable to care for themselves due to the beginnings of early dementia, injuries or age, families often rely on nursing homes to provide dedicated, round-the-clock care. These Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) are usually the best option for providing a high level of continuing care required by many elderly patients. However, when these SNFs fail to maintain or enforce high standards, patients may be subjected to abuse or neglect. The effects may be seen in the form of bedsores or dehydration, which may even lead to death.

Because the elderly are particularly vulnerable to illness, injury and coercion, special protections and laws at the federal, state and local levels have been put in place to protect them from elder abuse, and to hold those who harm them and the SNFs that employ those people liable. Bogaards Law has handled many of these types of cases and provides knowledgeable legal guidance if your mom or dad is the victim of elder abuse.

Elder Abuse Can Happen Anywhere

Elder abuse can happen through unintended negligence and sometimes intentional misconduct of staff in assisted living facilities and skilled nursing homes or at the hands of at-home caregivers.

Bogaards Law attorneys understand the laws regarding how the residential care system operates and we know how to best represent your mom or dad in cases involving elder abuse and nursing home neglect. If you or your family member have experienced elder abuse, you don’t have to take on a large insurance provider alone. We have decades of experience and an extremely successful record in dealing with the insurance companies of the Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Work with an Experienced Elder Abuse Attorney

We know the pain and loss that comes when your mom or dad has been neglected in the very place you brought them to be taken care of. Bogaards Law has earned the reputation for tenacious and aggressive representation of elderly clients and their families while also being widely recognized for compassion, understanding, dignity, and respect toward them. Equally important, we have the expertise and resources needed to fight large institutions whose improper staffing and training, high turnover rates and lax procedures facilitate elder abuse and nursing home neglect.

Legal Action Can Lead to Changes in Policy

We recently litigated a case referred to us by an attorney colleague. His mother died within a month of moving into an upscale assisted living facility in Marin County, as a result of the staff not giving her medication. We obtained a very significant settlement within three months of the claim, sparing the family further legal proceedings, and forcing the facility to upgrade its medication protocols.

Taking legal action to hold negligent care providers responsible for their actions can have benefits that reach far beyond a single case. In fact, an added benefit of successful elder abuse claims is that in addition to damages for family members for wrongful death, they often prompt better conditions within care facilities. A lawsuit can trigger a governmental audit, a comprehensive review of procedures, and new, safer patient care guidelines that can improve care and prevent future harm to other vulnerable residents.

Contact Our San Francisco Elder Abuse Attorneys to Discuss Your Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse Case

If someone you love has bedsores, dehydration, malnutrition or has died because of elder abuse, Bogaards Law can help hold facilities and caregivers responsible. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced elder abuse attorney. You can also request a consultation by completing the contact form on our website. We will help you explore all legal remedies quickly and effectively.


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