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Wrongful Death Attorney San Francisco

Many people who experience a serious accident or injury are able to overcome the physical and emotional trauma and move forward with their lives, often after receiving compensation for their wounds. Many other victims, however,  do not get this chance. Either in the immediate aftermath of the incident or due to complications which arise months or years later, they succumb to their injuries and pay the ultimate price.

At Bogaards Law, we understand the financial and emotional pain that these losses cause. We help our clients fight for the compensation and justice that families need and deserve. We also offer solid legal advice. Families in these situations often have multiple legal options, and we give them the information they need to make good choices.

What Causes Wrongful Death in San Francisco?

Car crashes are one of the leading causes of unintentional death in California. When large vehicles collide at high speeds, the results are often tragic. Even modern safety systems cannot absorb that kind of impact. Also, pedestrians are hit by oncoming vehicles all too often, leading to fatalities.

Swimming pool injuries also cause a large number of wrongful deaths. Just a few moments under the water can be fatal for young children. Unintentional drowning is the leading cause of death among children under the age of 4. Additionally, if the chlorine delivery system malfunctions, swimmers could be exposed to deadly chlorine gas.

Falls are a serious problem as well, mostly because they often cause head injuries. In some cases, doctors do not successfully diagnose these injuries right away. The victims often show no physical symptoms and say they feel uninjured. The brain could be bleeding internally, however, and the brain is good at concealing its own injuries. Therefore, the untreated wound gets progressively worse.

Additionally, skilled nursing facilities sometimes neglect or even abuse patients, causing bed sores and other injuries which can lead to wrongful death.

What to Expect in a Wrongful Death Claim

Long before we file a legal claim, our professional team is already hard at work for you. We gather evidence that supports your position. We talk to the investigating police officers, meet with our accident reconstruction expert and nail down liability. We may also negotiate with the insurance company and try to obtain a favorable settlement. We help make sure that the details in the case, like a loved one’s funeral expenses, are not overlooked.

The insurance company has hard-working lawyers, as well. Unfortunately, these attorneys often care little about justice; they only care about protecting their client’s bottom line. So, sometimes from the very beginning of the claim process, insurance company lawyers look for legal loopholes that may cause the judge to throw the case out of court. At Bogaards Law, we aggressively advocate for the justice that our clients and their loved ones deserve.

Most legal claims next enter the discovery phase. At this point, the two sides exchange information about their claims and defenses. Sometimes, discovery is a brief process that only takes a few weeks. Other times, it may drag on for months, with things like voluminous document requests and multiple witness depositions.

Most wrongful death claims eventually settle out of court and often in mediation before suit is even filed. If that is not the case, a judge or a jury will hear the case in court.

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Wrongful death causes almost unimaginable pain for the families who are left behind. For a confidential consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in San Francisco, contact Bogaards Law. After-hours visits are available.

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