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Morales v. PG&E Wrongful Death

Wrongful death of the 20-year-old daughter of Renee and Israel Morales in the San Bruno PG&E gas pipeline explosion, with co-counsel John Feder. We were the second case to go to mediation resulting in one of the highest settlements in history. We also accompanied Renee Morales to the PG&E criminal trial over 5 years later.

RESULT: Confidential Settlement

Cardarelli v. Encompass Community Services Personal Injury

July 27th, 2020 – Motorcyclist gets cut off by left-turning van in Capitola. Suffers below-knee amputation. Within one month of signing on with Bogaards Law, the motorcyclist received a $250,000 advance from the defendant’s insurance company.

RESULT: $8,350,000 Settlement

Felguth v. Epstein Personal Injury

Speeding on a rented motorcycle after the Gay Pride Parade, plaintiff was hit by a Jeep making a left on Mission Street in San Francisco. Both sides’ accident reconstruction experts agreed that if the plaintiff had been going the speed limit, the accident could have been avoided. Plaintiff suffered multiple pelvic fractures and underwent three surgeries. Her medical specials were $185,000. She had no wage loss claim as a Lt. Firefighter.

RESULT: $800,000 Settlement

Pedestrian v. Auto Wrongful Death

  • 2019 – A petite 84 y.o. woman crossed in the middle of the street in dark clothing to go to the grocery store at night. She was hit by a car and died instantly.
  • RESULT: $775,000 Settlement

Wilson v. Minitransport Co. Personal Injury

2019 – Pedestrian gets hit by commuter bus making a right turn. Suffers a Lisfranc ankle injury with surgery. No wage loss. Medical bills were under $50,000.

RESULT: $675,000 Settlement

Pre-Litigation Personal Injury

  • Partial finger amputation of 8-year-old boy with comparative fault.
  • RESULT: $580,000 Settlement

Baca v. Pickwick Hotel (YHB) and Garage (NBPS) Personal Injury

November 30th, 2020 – Customer trips and falls in parking garage. Suffers trimalleolar ankle fracture with surgery. Medical specials are $37,500. No wage loss.

RESULT: $500,000 Settlement

Confidential Settlement Personal Injury

  • 2019 – Woman falls leaving a doctor’s office in SF. Suffers a complex ankle fracture. Liability is hotly contested. No wage loss.
  • RESULT: Settles at mediation for $465,000

Confidential Settlement Employment

  • December  2019 – Employee in a tech start-up makes a whistleblower claim regarding misuse of Facebook manager.
  • RESULT: Mediation results in a $450,000 Settlement

Wolter v. Marzolf Bros and Martin Flores Drywall Personal Injury

  • Homeowner slips on unsecured tarp in her foyer after coming downstairs and sues her general contractor doing her kitchen remodel. Homeowner suffers a severe elbow injury with surgery.
  • RESULT:  $343,000 Settlement

Ocegueda v. Hoffman Personal Injury

  • Wrist fracture arising out of pedestrian/auto accident, no surgery.
  • RESULT: $270,000 Settlement

Tashjian v. U.S.F. Personal Injury

  • Plaintiff slipped and fell on nacho cheese on the floor at a U.S.F. basketball game, injuring his knee and resulting in arthroscopic surgery.
  • RESULT: $250,000 Settlement plus a pair of season tickets to U.S.F. men’s basketball

Dempsey v. Stone Personal Injury

  • 2014 – Mr. Dempsey was on his bicycle when he was hit by a car leaving the golf club. Liability was hotly contested. He suffered a broken right hand and cervical fractures.
  • RESULT: $250,000 Policy Limits

Hiskes v. DoubleTree Hotel Personal Injury

  • Plaintiff was an 85-year-old man attending a weekly Rotary meeting at the DoubleTree Hotel in Livermore. He slipped on wet tiles after it rained and broke his femur in four places.  Unfortunately, due to Alzheimer’s and life-threatening health issues, the plaintiff was unable to appear for his deposition or litigation past mediation.
  • RESULT: $225,000 Settlement

Avila v. Nicer Personal Injury

2017 – Pedro Avila was walking in a marked crosswalk, when a car took a left turn in Potrero Hill, and hit him. He suffered a broken right leg. The settlement included the $100,000 policy limits and $100,000 cash out of pocket from the motorist.

RESULT: $200,000 Settlement

Gutierrez-Hermasillo v. Martindale Ranch Personal Injury

Carbon monoxide poisoning case where clients, living in a ranch home in west Marin County, had only one day of exposure and no residual symptoms.

RESULT: $157,000 Settlement

Kintis v. Barbieri Wrongful Death

Wrongful death of 94-year-old petite grandmother who ran out into traffic in the middle of the block between parked cars against a red light. Our accident reconstruction expert found no liability- zero-against the driver who hit her.

RESULT: $150,000 Settlement

Tjaden v. Campbell Personal Injury

Bicyclist suffered broken wrist injury requiring multiple surgeries in no liability case.

RESULT: Prelitigation settlement for $100,000 policy limits and $15,000 cash contribution by driver

Wright v. Apple Inn Personal Injury

  • 2016 – Two sisters were exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty wall heater in a hotel that didn’t have a carbon monoxide detector. They needed 28 hours of treatment, including oxygen. Medical bills were less than $10,000.
  • RESULT: $100,000 Settlement

Retsky v. Ride Share Company Personal Injury

  • Cyclist gets doored by rideshare car. Bruising and scarring near eye and hand.
  • RESULT:  $99,000 Settlement

Confidential Bus Case Personal Injury

  • 2017 – An 86 y.o. lovely woman got on the MUNI bus, and the driver took off before she was seated. She fell and suffered a low back injury. She has a significant past medical history. Her medical bill was a mere $6,000.
  • RESULT: $90,000 Settlement

Guttman v. Hyndman Personal Injury

  • 2016 – Ms. Guttman had a head on collision, and suffered a sprained right ankle.
  • RESULT: $75,000 Settlement

Gamba v. Wanaselja Personal Injury

  • Race car professional suffered neuropathic leg pain when race car driver backed up into him, while standing at metal table in hangar. Liability was hotly contested.
  • RESULT:  $75,000 Settlement

Maimes vs. Szaebo Employment

  • Court trial in Marion County for breach of plaintiff’s employment contract as an office manager. Plaintiff had both a personal and work relationship with employer, a medical doctor.
  • RESULT:  One year of wages, less mitigation, for $70,000 Settlement 

Jiminez v. landlord Tenants Rights

  • 2019 – This breach of the warranty of habitability and wrongful eviction of two Latino families in the Mission district of San Francisco resulted in a confidential settlement. After the case ended, Ms. Bogaards officiated the wedding of two of tenants/clients at City Hall.
  • RESULT:  One year of wages, less mitigation, for Confidential Settlement 

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