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April 19, 2019

After blind rejection from several attorneys…a close family friend referred me to Debra Bogaards. From the moment I called her office, I spoke to Ms. Bogaards directly (no “middleman”). She expressed great empathy about our situation and agreed to review our case. She conducted a very thorough examination of the information we provided her and consulted with experts about our case. Ultimately, there were a number of unique challenges that made a successful lawsuit in our situation difficult. Although other attorneys may have recognized these challenges, they did not inform us of their observations until we consulted Ms. Bogaards. She was honest with us about the challenges, respectful of our situation and helped us make a rational and informed decision. We ultimately decided not to pursue a lawsuit in our situation but I can’t thank Ms. Bogaards enough for her time and professionalism in reviewing our case. I am glad a friend recommended her to us, and I am also glad to recommend her to you.


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