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Stilettos, Trials and Baby Bottles

February 1, 2014

The legal field is still widely dominated by men, and many women aspiring to become attorneys feel they must make a decision between motherhood and a successful legal career. As a result, the field has continued to experience higher male representation, and very few mothers are able to maintain strong relationships with their children, along with a good legal track record. As one of the few who has managed to hold down both fronts, I can only speak to my own personal experience. Making sure to set aside time for my two children, while allotting the requisite hours to thorough trial preparation and litigation has been a worthwhile struggle for me over the years. Even today, with two adult children, I am able to spend time with both of them every week, all while successfully representing my clients and maintaining my excellent courtroom record. This relationship has sometimes come at the cost of my personal time and activities. However, looking back, I never regret balancing my life between the two things I hold most dear — my family and my work.

To read more about my parallel journeys through motherhood and litigation — and how I was able to find time for both — check out my article “Stilettos, Trials and Baby Bottles”.


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